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Bike Accidents


Driver negligence is among the most frequent causes of bicycle accidents and accidents. Accordingly, it’s also the most common reason why many bicycle crash victims acquire their personal injury lawsuits. In the event you were recently injured in a bicycle crash, it’s important to learn your rights. Begin by analyzing the circumstances around your injury to find out whether you have a valid claim with your criminal attorney Fort Myers. Speak to a experienced personal injury attorney who will help you determine your eligibility. In case you have a legitimate claim, they will immediately begin working on your situation, and won’t collect attorney fees unless they win your own settlement.

Cyclist Rights on the Street

Bicyclers have rights on the street, but not on all streets. Restricted roadways vary among cities, but normally include interstates, highways, private roads, and much more. On non-restricted streets and designated biking regions, bicyclers are expected to comply with all traffic and biking principles, while all drivers are bound to respect bicyclers’ rights.

When a man is operating a car, they have a duty to obey all traffic rules and legislation. Driving recklessly, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving underage, and driving with no license all types of negligent driving of your lawyer. But there are lots of ways someone may be a negligent driver. Any behaviors which are distracting, reckless, or illegal are common types of negligent driving. Below are a few more.

Common negligent driving behaviours include:

To protect yourself on the street from negligent drivers, make sure to always adhere to all rules for traffic, pedestrians, and bikers. If you bike at dusk or night, make sure you wear reflective gear. If you’re biking on busy roadways or twisting roadways, make certain to always wear your helmet and other protective equipment. If you’re ever hurt in an accident, contact an expert personal injury attorney right after receiving medical aid to learn your rights to compensation.


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