Not All News is Bad News

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In the recent months, E-Cigarettes have been a real hot-button topic. They have shown up all over the news sites on the internet with headlines varying from positive to negative topics, and they just cannot seem to catch a break. Rules, regulations and bans are the hottest topic right now, with several states, and even more cities, adding E-Cigarette bans to their laws. It seems like, no matter what sort of move E-Cigarettes make, they are effectively surrounded.

E-Cigarettes have now been banned in several states, such as Utah and New Jersey, where ever smoking is already banned. Further, some cities have also banned the use of E-Cigs in smoke-free areas. These cities include New York, L.A. and Chicago.

In addition to these bans, the FDA has finally given a preliminary draft of the legislation they had looked into putting into place. The majority of these rules are actually to the benefit of any upstanding E-Cigarette company. They would stop the sales of E-Cigs to minors, require products’ ingredient list to be approved by the FDA, and also carry a warning label to say that nicotine is addictive. None of these should put any form of damper on E-Cig companies or their sales, assuming they don’t sell to minors, or use bad ingredients. Clearette, an electronic cigarette company, includes warnings stating that their products are only meant to be used by persons over the age of 18.

Looking at the recent news, it certainly feels like E-Cigarettes are getting cracked down upon – and hard. A simple search across numerous news sites seem to indicate that the supporters of the bans seem to far outnumber the supporters of E-Cigs, and that the latter isn’t quoted half as much.

However, that isn’t to say that supporters aren’t out there. Several scientists and other experts have been supporting E-Cigs; the biggest show of support recently was a letter written to Dr. Margaret Chan, the director of the World Health Organization. More than 50 scientists wrote and signed this letter, warning the organization not to classify E-cigs as tobacco products. They said that they need to take into account the ‘tobacco harm reduction’ that E-Cigarettes offer.

This letter also briefly glossed over one of the other problems E-Cigarettes have been facing. The media has been preoccupied with the health dangers involving E-Cigarettes. They view them as dangerous, and have been testing them for the harm they cause. However, few people seem to stop and consider the harm they cause against the harm cigarettes cause.

The letter does mention that the targeting of minors with TV ads and such is certainly justified, but warns the total ban would do more harm than good. The scientists clearly felt that E-Cigs, while yet to be proven harmless, are at least less so than traditional cigarettes. Unfortunately, with all of the E-Cigarette bans flying around, it seems people have yet to listen.


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Electronic cigarettes. They’ve been a huge topic of debate recently, especially with the FDA involvement.

Many people are fighting vehemently to have heavy restrictions or bans put in place, while others prefer

lighter restrictions.

As it stands now, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, have basically no restrictions placed on them. So,

of course, in the face of that, debate flares. “They’re terrible for you! They need to be banned!” or,

“They’re amazing! And healthy, even!” The amount of variation on views here is astounding – as it

always is when something like this is up for debate.

Now, this is about where denizens of the internet would begin complaining that this is just one more

post to stoke the burning fire. Hold it together for a moment. I’d like to view my input as a bit different

from most others as I’m, in some ways, unrelated to the issue. I don’t smoke. I’ve never even tried

smoking. I don’t think I ever will. I’ve been hounded all my life by parents that insist smoking is bad for

you. And sure, even smokers know what illnesses come of smoking. And that’s not including immediate

effects like smelling of smoke and coughing all the time.

But you know what? E-cigs give people an alternative to most of those side-effects. It’s tough to tell

exactly which effects the nicotine-vapor leaves the smoker with, but the only one that’s known for

sure to remain is the want for nicotine. All of the 4,000+ carcinogens that come from the combustion

reactions of burning tobacco are left behind. That being the case, logic would dictate that e-cigs are at

least less dangerous than their leaf-burning counterparts.

Of course, some of the biggest complaints about e-cigs going around now are the lack of knowledge

about them. It’s understandable – no one knows what long-term effects breathing in nicotine vapors

have. Of course, like most chemical compounds, nicotine likely has upsides and downsides – not just

one or the other. E-cigs are reported to still cause the same side-effects as nicotine in general. They still

constrict blood vessels, and end up making blood pressure rise.

However, on the other hand, there are also positive side effects to nicotine. It’s a natural appetite

suppressant, as well as a known cognitive enhancer. Ultimately, it’s a tough call to say which side has

more weight behind it. Another thing to consider, though, is the addictive nature of nicotine. Of course,

many of us deal with other addictive substances (caffeine, anyone?) and live our day to day lives alright.

So, which side has the bigger draw?

It’s really hard to say. Personally, I’m inclined to support e-cigs, generally. Logic dictates they must be at

least safer than smoking, and with less carcinogens spewed into the air through second-hand smoke, the

public safety threat is lessened. And, while I would probably not try them myself (I’m not fond of things

that are said to be addictive – it’s why I don’t drink coffee) some of my best friends were smokers – and

I think e-cigs could be the best alternative to that need to smoke.
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