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Driver Errors- Accidents


There are a lot of activities car owners do only out of habit when driving their vehicles. Actions like placing on our seatbelts after we sit down, checking the rearview mirror before backing up, or plugging in our audio before taking off for the day. Similarly, there are numerous other things we do that aren’t as benign as the rituals mentioned previously.

Many drivers are entirely unaware that certain habits can actually damage their vehicles. Keep on reading to learn a few common habits that may result in severe, costly damage to your vehicle, and see whether you’re guilty of some of them yourself!

Those who own manual automobiles or trucks regularly use their parking brake, but for many other drivers on the market, this operation can be ignored which is why you will need an Injury Lawyer Lubbock, whether manual or automatic. This is a mistake which may jeopardize the integrity of your parking brake and the transmission itself. It can also lead to your vehicle rolling downhill uncontrollably, after being parked on an incline. The parking brake sets a lock on the wheels and keeps it from rolling away. Failing to use a parking brake puts a whole lot of pressure on the car’s transmission; a component of the vehicle not supposed to “hold” a vehicle in place. Additionally, it strips the parking paw, as mentioned previously. Always use the parking brake, but remember to release it before placing your car into drive again!

Another common driving error is shifting gears while the vehicle is in motion. This often happens when a driver backs up in reverse, and then switches their car to the drive-gear before it comes to a complete halt. This can strip the gears and circles within a vehicles transmission, which may be an expensive repair. After a time, your vehicle may lose its ability to change gears altogether because there’s nothing there to offer the essential tension necessary to push a car into drive. Always come to a complete stop before shifting gears.


Leaving the AC on when you turn off your car, or already having it on when you start your vehicle, is bad for your serpentine belt and causes the motor to work harder than it has to. This may cause costly repairs down the road.

Failing to substitute or change-out automotive fluids is another significant mistake made by drivers and car owners alike. This may cause several issues and performance failures using a motor vehicle. Fluids such as brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, battery fluid, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid would be the most significant lubricants and liquids for many vehicles. Have them flushed, stuffed, and substituted as suggested by the manufacturer.

We’re probably all guilty of dismissing funny noises and odd sounds coming out of our automobiles, at some stage in our driving careers. However, this is awful to do, and can cause very costly repairs and place a driver and their passengers at risk. It’s unsafe to drive a vehicle that’s not in good shape. Bad brakes, an overheating engine, and even more can cause serous car accidents and accidents. If your car’s brakes are squeaky, or your motor appears to hiss louder than normal, or you hear some different sort of unfamiliar noise coming out of your car or truck, take it into a certified mechanic straight away.


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